1. Are Island Rhino products environmentally safe?

Yes, All of our products are formulated to biodegradable, user friendly and contain low volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.).


1. Will Island Rhino Bubbles affect my cars finish?

Island Rhino Bubbles formula will not break down the vehicles waxes or surface paint.

2. What is the shelf life of Island Rhino Bubbles?

The Shelf life of Island Rhino Bubbles is approximately 3 years. Stored in a cool dry place.

3. Can I use Island Rhino Shine protectant on rubber?

Yes, It protects and restores life to old worn out tires. This product will leave a long lasting shine while protecting against U.V. damage.

4. Can I use Island Rhino Glass cleaner safely on all types of tinted windows?

Yes, Island Rhino Glass cleaner is specifically designed to safely clean ALL glass without streaking or leaving oily residue. Safe on ALL TINTS.

5. Can I use Island Rhino Rim Cut wheel cleaner on all types of rims?

Yes, Island Rhino Rim Cut can be used safely on aluminum, metal and power coated rims.


1. Where can Island Rhino Wash be used effectively?

Island Rhino Wash can be used effectively on engine parts, consoles, dashboards, sticky cup holders and yet still safe enough to use on carpets.

2. Can I use Island Rhino Leather on vinyl?

Yes, Island Rhino Leather is formulated with key nutrient oils that will rejuvenate, clean and soften without leaving an oily residue.

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