About Us


Island Rhino Cleaners is a family-owned business that has been formulating quality products for over 20 years. We start with first generation materials and manufacture all of our products right here in the United States.

Together, our state of the art facility and dedication to manufacturing the highest quality products separates us from our competition.

Every product Island Rhino Cleaner’s produces undergoes stringent testing in our Laboratory to ensures consistency and quality throughout our product line.

Island Rhino Cleaners car care line of washes, degreasers, and soaps are environmentally friendly products containing No V.O.C. (volatile organic compounds). Utilizing specifically designed surfactants these products effectively clean on contact.

Island Rhino Cleaners soaps not only gently clean vehicles effectively, but the biodegradable surfactants used also makes them great products.

Our Tire dressings are high solids formulations designed to achieve a long-lasting, high gloss finish. In addition to a high gloss finish, the high solids formulation achieves outstanding anti-sling properties.

Island Rhino Cleaners is dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest level of cleaning and polishing products for your automobile.

As part of our commitment to giving back to our community, Island Rhino Cleaners donates a portion of its proceeds to a terrific local All Volunteer Non-Profit Community Center.

We appreciate your business and support of our fine products and look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.

Sincerest Regards,
Frank Frazzitta, President

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